Two Poems by Pris Campbell

Unexpected Visitor

Well, here you are
and I wrap my arms
around our mutual past,
remember ignorance
of the coming winter.
I let you slip away,
ground your hope
under my roving red heel.
I’ve forgotten your kiss
your stories, your favorite
song, how passion could
weigh a ton, then
be light as a feather.
We talk about whatever
happened to so & so.
You pet my dog. I make you tea.
Silence soon stretches–oh look
at the time!
You give me a quick kiss;
cinnamon laced with regret.
My dog watches the door
until dawn.



You wear my tears
as a garland.
They glisten, stars now
in the solar system.
Your heart was too big.
It exploded, tossing you
to the bathroom floor.
Mother dressed us like twins
one summer. Her angels.
Do you remember?
Homeless for years, voices
taunting, you slept in dark
parks of rape or bartered
your body for a warm overnight.
You let it roll off,
that waterfall of mean times.
I search tonight for you in the sky,
dear cousin. The wind is plump
with your deep southern drawl.


13 Responses to “Two Poems by Pris Campbell”

  1. good poems, Pris.

  2. Thanks for publishing these. I love that Truck!:-)


  3. Hello Pris,

    liked both poems. “explosion” is an especially gut-wrenching elegy.

  4. Thanks, Al. I just reread yours in Scot’s other journal and, as always, outstanding!

  5. Nice poems Pris. Love the ‘roving red heel’

  6. Margaret Rogers Says:

    You have the ability to touch the soul as well as the heart

  7. db and Andrea. Thank you so much for reading and commenting. db, love your work, too, in scot’s other journal.

  8. These poems touched me. I loved both of them. The ending of Unexpected Visitor is just great.

  9. Very nice, Pris. So heartfelt.

  10. Geoff Sanderson Says:

    A wonderful pair of linked poems, Pris; you always seem to use language that gets one right to the heart of the matter!

  11. While I enjoy both…. “Unexpected Visitor” is surprisingly touching considering it’s so on target.

    Wonderful work

  12. just amazining words, well done!

  13. Thank you all so much!

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