thursday may 18th
the year 2010
davy crockett
& daniel boone
both kicked the
bought the farm
cashed in the last
of their chips
finally died
after rumors of
davy’s death
many moons ago
at the alamo
& danny boy
died right along side
of good ol’ davy
coonskin hat long
’cause fess parker
took ’em both with him
dying at the age of 85
the uncaring bastard
did it on his wife
of 50 fucking years
(marcella is her name)
84th birthday
some kind of shitty present
if you ask me & I’ll
give you 10 to 1 odds
she’s one pissed off woman
at the moment
well, fess
I must care or I wouldn’t
be writing this shitty
fucking poem
or I must be bored out
of my fucking gourd
at any rate, marcella
happy birthday.

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