Next Time by Ernie Culver

–next time–

dad calls

8:24 am

his voice
like a gray wind

mom’s doing good

chemo’s going well

left breast

been at st. josephs all

hardly any shut eye

asks if I want to grab a
cup of coffee
with him

maybe a reuben

get some guy time in
shoot the shit

would love to
but I have an interview
in a few

friend got me one over
at intel

thought I would give it a shot
he says

next time though
for sure
I say


next time

both of us
too chickenshit
to do
what naturally comes next:

say goodbye
hang up

7 Responses to “Next Time by Ernie Culver”

  1. Ernie Culver is 30 years old and lives and writes in Albuquerque, NM.
    His work has appeared in Mad Swirl, no where else, as of yet except here.

  2. i like the way it moves with the words and the somewhat sad ending to anyhow heavy subject…

  3. The linebreaks in this poem are superb and expertly executed, and I’m not a guy who ever thinks that much about linebreaks.

  4. awesome write. thanks!

  5. Reminds me of an old Harry Chapin tune!

  6. I see the Harry Chapin tune comment. It made me think of Father and Son by Cat Stevens. Same type of feel to it. I like the poem. Hope he goes far.

  7. Dav Chopmunoz Says:

    loved the early morning fog of it all
    don’t know what those prescription pills were I found in the Trader Joe’s parking lot ….the after effects were very much the same….

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