Going Mobile by John Burroughs

a title as redundant as I sometimes feel

Often I feel I
most everything I do or say –
other times I feel I don’t
think enough
or am thoughtless –
sometimes I feel I’m doing
or not doing
both simultaneously.

It’s enough to render me immobile
like the main man in John
Barth’s The End of the Road.

That’s when by sheer force of will,
whether it’s a waste
of energy
and time
or not,
I make myself remain mobile –
at least in
this three ring
gerbil wheel circus –
because I feel
if I’m not
doing something
I might as well

9 Responses to “Going Mobile by John Burroughs”

  1. John Burroughs, the artist formerly known as Jesus Crisis, is a Buddho-Taoist poet, composer, and seeker in Elyria, Ohio. Author of three poetry chapbooks and ten musical stageplays commissioned by the State of Ohio to be performed by inmates as community service, John founded the Crisis Chronicles Press and Online Library and now co-hosts the popular monthly Lix & Kix Poetry Extravaganza at Bela Dubby Art Gallery and Beer Cafe in Lakewood. He is currently writing a book about his 11 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. Find him at http://www.crisischronicles.com.

  2. I like this poem. Thanks for featuring it, Scot.

  3. Thanks for publishing my poem, Scot! It’s an honor to be a member of the Rusty Truck family, among so many of my favorite poets. Feels surreal to appear on the same page with a hero like Hugh Fox….

  4. Excellent poem. As always, Scot, you know how to pick em.

  5. “sometimes I feel I’m doing
    or not doing
    both simultaneously.”

    so honestly stated John; well done

  6. Thanks, Ally and Gillena!

  7. Amen brother…if we’re just spinning, we had best be in love with our treadmill.

  8. Paul, ain’t that the truth!

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