Shop Front Blues by Vincent James Turner

Beneath star and sky I dreamt of you.
Beneath a yawning sun I awoke,
cuddling the cold. The sky was not yet blue.

It was you but before his death. Not yet had
it sucked the living out of you. There was
hope in your eyes, your lips were not cracked.

You were only meant to pop out for smokes
you were to return, help with my spelling,
then tuck me up. They found me eating uncooked cake.

The neighbour had called them, I’ forget about
the neighbour. You’d always call him nosy.
he had called the police, saying there was no doubt

something was amiss-I’d been at the window for
something like four days and nights, waiting
as you might have done during my teenage years.

They took me to the station, gave me chocolate and coke,
they were kind, too kind, and I knew then, sitting
in the sergeants chair- you were never coming back.

3 Responses to “Shop Front Blues by Vincent James Turner”

  1. Vincent has been writing poetry for ten years and recently had his first chapbook (Envying Harry) published by erbacce-press. His work has featured in various zines such as Shoots and Vines, Underground Voices, Gloom cupboard, Ink Sweat and Tears and Full of Crow.

  2. vincent turner Says:

    Hi Rusty Truck, just wanted to say a big thanks for considering this poem for your site, its been a real tonic on such a shit day (i wont bore you with the details) but might try and turn it into a poem and try my luck here again!!
    This poem was inspired by A Kim Addonzio poem which i really liked and thought i would give it a go.

    best regard


  3. Father Luke Says:

    Ouch. I know that hurt. Well written.

    And thanks.

    – –
    Father Luke

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