Two Poems by David Smith


Flying home on the red-eye
pre-Sabbath, the end-stage
of a dry-eyed family funeral
for an old girl-friend,
stinging from the rabbinic ballistics,
the ancient ritual, all mournful chants,
still lips and low guttural moans,
not one single moment of lightness or joy,
a true orthodox affair.

A Sandra Bullock movie
plays on the in-flight monitor.
I wave-off the attendant’s offer
to buy a set of tinny ear buds for $7.00,
& watch the film in silence,
it is much more enjoyable that way.

During the scene where Sandra
is lying on her death-bed
from the King Kong
of ovarian cancers
(I think)
a half-smoked Winston
resting between her lips,
abandoned in her delicate nature,
I weep more than a child,
more than all of Rimbaud’s
children of the entire world.


After Tetsumi Kudo and Pablo Picasso

Watching you sleep, face turned toward the sun,
your body wrapped in several fantastic angles,
splayed-out across the vastness of this huge bed
in the best hotel room of a sacred foreign city,
looking for all the world
like the kind of tree
I might encounter in a dream.

You are a beautiful refuge,
Ana Mandara,
like the history of sin
on the Tokyo subway,
like the joy
of winter flowers,
throwing question
to my night-dark world view
of every man for himself
and god against all.

I reach over,
flick one of Lear’s gilded flies
off your golden shoulder.
In my life
you did things first,
while those who may follow
will do things pretty.

© d.smith, 2010


5 Responses to “Two Poems by David Smith”

  1. David Smith’s newest collection, White Time, is available from Off Beat Pulp. You should purchase one for yourself, and one for your children. His other books include Closer to Jesus and Rockets Redglare – The Handsome Duke Deal & Kid Mingo Letters. The broadside of his epic poem, “Genocide Sutra” is an underground classic. His work has appeared in numerous broadsides, anthologies, magazines and all over the damn Internet. A bartender in the classic style, he can pour a Nicky Finn that will destroy your genetic code and complicate your life.

  2. Carter Monroe Says:

    Great work here, David.

  3. Donal Mahoney Says:

    I have never before read poems by David Smith and I thank Rusty Truck for bringing this work to me. This is a voice that cuts its own swathe among the many contributions that appear online today. Wonderful to read.

  4. I’m a huge fan of David’s poetry and do have his book. It’s fantastic. Love these poems chosen for the Truck here, too.

  5. i concur with the above…great work! thanks a milion. best, winnie

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