31 Foot Bumper Pull by Justin Wade Thompson

i’ve driven myself nearly mad
chasing roof-leaks
in the rain

staring at stacks of VHS
on a shelf next to
a can of bug-spray

and a small stack of books
someone once published
containing my early, angsty, poesies.

just the other day
a kid flipping burgers asked me how i do it

how i keep on living without working

with a wife
without a job
doing exactly what i want
and nothing else.

i had no real answer for him.

doesn’t he know
that i live in a tiny tin box
and that that’s all a man needs to be happy?

just a woman and a few cans of beans

everything else is just as useless as
the bug-spray and unmarked VHS
on the shelf
leaning against
my bedroom wall.

2 Responses to “31 Foot Bumper Pull by Justin Wade Thompson”

  1. A beautiful simplicity. The tension between the useless and working is very satisfying.

  2. Visit http://www.justinwadethompson.com for blog and other publications!!!!!!!!

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