ghost road by t. kilgore splake

mother and father
fleeing poor michigan farms
banker owned acres
like midwestern orphan train
‘placed out’ kids
raised in methodist “goodness”
white bread Americana
taught sex not delightful
sunday visits to cemetery
visiting  relatives graves
dad always working
money buying new things
mom pushing culture
piano lessons high school band
rare summer family picnics
sandwiches and lemonade
pressed to get a job
move up ahead
reading books
watching movies
finding my real self
writing poems
what i was born for
young boy
suddenly old man
not believing in heaven
empty eulogy words
waiting morphine narrative
or .357 wisdom
wondering what happened
to ancient family album
faded brown photos
smith and anderson past blood
garage sale bargain
vanished in dumpster
dusty archive shelf

2 Responses to “ghost road by t. kilgore splake”

  1. Another one I can really relate to, Splake. I’m enjoying reading your poems here on the Truck.

  2. hello splake, good to see you stringing out the words, and words I can identify with. no coyote to look for here, but can you believe we have rare sightings of mountain lions.

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