This City of Poets by William Taylor Jr.

I walk the streets of this
city of poets

and see them everywhere I go

some of them write
and some of them don’t

but they’re not hard to recognize

you’ll find them in crowded cafes
and poorly lit bars

taking strange pills
drinking bad wine

pushing blades
and needles to their
too sensitive skin

crawling through the alleys of Chinatown
jumping off downtown roofs

in and out of psych wards
and hospitals

fighting amongst themselves

selling peanuts at ball games
to try and make the rent

they know nothing of the past
or the future just

this burning moment

their laughter is true

and sometimes they laugh
as they burn

and sometimes they scream

but their ashes are
always beautiful.


5 Responses to “This City of Poets by William Taylor Jr.”

  1. LIKE THIS ONE. and don’t forget those cab drivers and bartenders.

  2. jason hardung Says:

    like this one alot.

  3. another great piece of San Francisco life by Bill

  4. and their ashes ARE always beautiful

  5. Elizabeth Soroka Says:

    Beautiful and so deeply moving…

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