Loathing by Joseph Veronneau

I don’t miss you.
The clothes you left behind
were pleasantly given away
to the Salvation Army.
In fact, several people
started littering
through the garbage bag
as soon as I set it to ground.
Your leftover cd cases
have been thrown
or used to replace the cracked
ones that I had.
Your pictures
were gleefully dumped off
in the trash to be collected
by the city as a duty of respect
for a poor fucker
that handled your shit for too long.

3 Responses to “Loathing by Joseph Veronneau”

  1. Joseph Veronneau ran Scintillating Publications 1999-2009, and published a lit zine named AGUA before its too early demise. His own poems have been published widely about the small press, including Word Riot, Ken Again and Chantarelle’s Notebook. His chapbook “More Than Promised” is available now from Pudding House, and another chapbook “Within The Grand Scheme” is available from Propaganda Press.

  2. i can totally relate to this well-written poem. thanks for writing it!
    best, winnie

  3. Janelle Says:

    HAHa nice one!!

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