punching a fourteen-year old in the face by John Grochalski

i tell him
you wait and see, man
when you turn eighteen i’m going to rent a car
no, a limo, motherfucker,
i’m going to rent a limo
and have him drive me all the way out here
because i’m sure you’re not going
to be in college
you probably won’t even be in high school
and i’m going to have that limo
drive me all the way out here
on my dollar
and i’m going to have him park the limo
right in the middle of the street
so that all your neighbors can see
then i’m going to casually walk up
your driveway
ring the doorbell
and then when you open the door
i’m going to just haul off and punch you
right in the face
how do you like that?
right in the goddamned face
with a limo waiting in the middle of your street
and all your friends and neighbors
lingering outside their doors to watch it
what do you think, huh?
oh, you think it’s funny?
you think i’ll forget?
you just wait and see, man,
because fate is a bitch
and i have one long ass memory
and little else to do in the ensuing four years
but mold and shape this plan
so you keep on laughing and smiling
and thinking i’m just a drunk old fool
but you’ll see
four years from now
a limo and everything else
parked right there on your street
and you knocked out cold
wondering what in the hell just happened
and then you’ll remember, kid
you’ll remember this moment like all hell.

8 Responses to “punching a fourteen-year old in the face by John Grochalski”

  1. Nice Piece. It would interesting to hear this one read aloud.

  2. why wait 4 years? punch the little shit now.

  3. this is a knock out!!

  4. and by that i meant a good knock out!!! 🙂

  5. As someone who works with teenagers, I can understand the occasional desire for face punching.

    Great poem.

  6. be careful that he doesn’t beat your ass like a toy drum!

  7. Hilarious. I love poetry with a sense of humor. Nice work!

  8. joecloyd Says:

    This poem really captures how ridiculous rage can really be, yet it’s also extremely relatable. AND IT’S FUNNY! Well done. PS: Makes me think of the character, Walter (John Goodman) from “The Big Lebowski”…

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