Zippo Lighter Fluid Is My Favorite Smell by Cassandra Dallett

I remember or dream I do
Mom painting
a fuchsia colored flower
on the ceiling above my crib also
unwashed bodies in unwashed Levis
belt buckles and soft leather worn blue t-shirts
with a front pocket for Camel cigarettes
the Zippos comforting clack and close
our refrigerator black
a red and white STP sticker stuck on it
Dad’s chair sit in it if you dare
a good solid wood table
legs speckled like ostrich eggs
spilt coffee and beer glaze
illuminated by a coffee can light shade
over a single bulb
the pile of junk on the kitchen table
threatened avalanche
homegrown kept in a Buglar can
sat high on a shelf
wood smoke and creosote fires
driving us from the house on frigid nights
wrapped in blankets mom would hold me
while Dad got the fire out of the chimney
some nights on the way home from a party
barns burning
not immune to the starry spark
flying embers we’d slow
mesmerized by molten beams
insatiable flames eating up black sky.

4 Responses to “Zippo Lighter Fluid Is My Favorite Smell by Cassandra Dallett”

  1. Cassandra Dallett lives in Oakland, CA. She is Mama to four kids and two Pit bulls. She finds them all loving and loyal, but says you never know when one of them will bite the mailman, or the Spanish teacher. When not cooking for her army she writes poetry and short stories of memoir. Cassandra has published in Cherry Bleeds, The Chiron Review, Yellow Mama, Gutter Eloquence, Ascent Aspirations, Criminal Class Review, Poetry Super Highway, Nibble, The Milvia Street Journal, and The Beat Museum of San Francisco.

  2. wonderful write. i would love to meet Ms. Dallett as I, too, live in Oakland, California. best, winnie

  3. Nicely done – evocative – Brava ….

  4. Lou Caffrey Says:

    Wow Cassandra, you just gave me the most wonderful been there feeling.

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