Two Poems by Alan Catlin

Storm Story

Older woman
with walker
caught in sudden

crossing major
against the light

heading for Rite
Aid pharmacy

two packs of
Newport Lights
a Tall Boy single


All the roadside way stations
deserted, strip malls, shopping
plazas, ghettos for homeless,
canned goods tomb raiders,
scavengers of grocery store shelves,
warehouse rats; outside, highways
like McCarthy’s Road or the longest
tracking shot in movie history:
Godard’s Weekend as the end of
civilization, consumerism’s unnatural
end, seven hellish minutes of wrecked
cars, the dead and the dying, overturned
emergency vehicle silk screened sixteen
times, fragments of he future now or
as Cortazar saw it: life as we know it,
going nowhere.  At the information
center the map says: YOU ARE HERE,
but you’re not here, there’s no here, here.

One Response to “Two Poems by Alan Catlin”

  1. joecloyd Says:

    Both of these are really quite good. In the 2nd one, I especially appreciated the allusion to Goddard, and the last 3 lines.

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