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magnum by splake

Posted in Splake with tags on July 30, 2010 by Scot

city limits fading
rearview mirror shadows
easy quiet miles
early morning darkness
memory drifting back
late night years ago
brain-skull cavity numb
cheap old milwaukee suds
holding .357
remembering scary stories
others saying
“violent recoil
smashed the gun in his face”
carefully squeezing trigger
fiery barrel explosion
red line of poetry
aimed toward heaven
killing god
wounding angel or two
scattering milky way
this morning
testing ancient gun
insuring no malfunction
like empty hammer click
moment of truth
when seriously needing
holy ticket to ride
trip to new reality
standing besides brautigan creek
trailhead start to cliffs
aiming at distant trees
“no not now”
fatal ricochet mistake
smith-wesson exploding
earth shaking tremor
poor rock gravel
moving beneath my feet
suddenly head
feeling full of cotton
silently thinking
“eh eh eh
can’t hear anything”
in blurry first dawn
of other writers
alone and unloved
lost in mind-fuck depression
also knowing
when words vanish
nothing else remains
except final goodbye
existential poetic adieu
randall jarrell
walking into car
north carolina highway
weldon kees
leaping off
san francisco
golden gate bridge
lew welch
leaving gary snyder’s cabin
california mountains
with 30-30 rifle
body never found
brother brautigan rotting
bolinas west coast apartment
now trout fishing
absaroka mists
dreaming of ianthe
watermelon sugars
old papa hem
dazed vacant stare
sawtooth mountains too close
toes in shotgun triggers
young beloved adriana
patiently waiting
somewhere across the river
david foster wallace
putting rope around his neck
hanging himself
while faithful canine companions
“bella” and “warner”
not understanding
truth finally setting him free
my .357 magic
warm and smoky
field tested
ready to go
passing single bullet agony
hot violent end
some time
not far away
when failure and decay
reach beyond my life
erasing new poem

Uncle Sam (MIA) by Bradley Mason Hamlin

Posted in Bradley Mason Hamlin with tags on July 26, 2010 by Scot

It’s simple, Sam
I’m sorry, I blamed you
but it wasn’t your fault
never was
it’s you we’ve needed
all along
not the people
that hijacked you
long ago
you’ve been
missing in action
so many years
kept in a dungeon
with mind control aliens
and the holy grail
no doubt
gone so damn long
that the real Americans
have almost forgotten your face
but I’ll tell you this
the Enemy
cannot control all the people
all the time
if we believe we are slaves
slaves we will be
and simple-minded
so, maybe it’s time
to raise
the counter clockwise voodoo
wipe the mystic mud from our eyes
turn to the mirror
take the first real look
at ourselves
and say
I’m coming home to get you
you’ve been patiently bleeding
I know,
and I’m sorry
I’m so goddamned sorry
we left you behind
but somewhere
I know you’re still alive
maybe you’ve been beaten
bullied and buggered
but hold on, Sammy baby
I feel the first honest war
taking a breath
as more minds shake off
the invisible drug
of the Old Bastards
we will form a new indivisible
psychic link
that cannot be controlled
or broken by bad men
eyes will open
the butcher
will hesitate over his meat
the secretary will stop typing
the ball player
will follow his motion
to a new thought
the artist
will paint something new
that speaks
to the original cause
they will cast away the chains
just like that
and take up the axe
and this new battle will be fought
to the last living breath
for truth, justice, freedom
and the undeniable American way.

boys of summer by scot young

Posted in Scot Young with tags on July 26, 2010 by Scot

in 1965
dad took me to my first
baseball game
kansas city a’s
municipal stadium on brooklyn
down by 18th & vine
saw my first black kid up close
parked our impala in his  yard
next to the porch
for a buck

his whole family sat spread out
across  the porch
the black man
collecting the dollar bills
smiled a lot and shook his
head up and down
the boy and i starred
at each other
maybe waiting for the other
to blink

the a’s normally  lost
and  that afternoon
campy campaneris played
every position
as a publicity stunt
and dad made me a megaphone
to cheer the kelley green and gold…
out of the  paper  beer cups

after the game I carried
my pennant back to the car
peanuts stuffed in my pockets
nobody was on the porch
the house looked empty
& the a’s of course lost
that summer i  wanted
to be called campy
playing  our sandlot ball
on vacant lots
a white cuban growing up the burbs

in 1965 we all wanted  something
we couldn’t have

Gene and Celia’s Wedding Pictures by Lawrence Gladeview

Posted in Lawrence Gladeview with tags on July 25, 2010 by Scot

grand pop
(retired fbi agent)
acquired the

the uncles
(schlitz connoisseurs)
piled into the
caprice and took
a ride

the photographer’s wife
(ceramic clown collector)
extended her limbs
to protect her
prized curio

the photographer
(con-artist jerk-off)
produced the
paid for never delivered
proofs and prints.

FUNERAL NOTES  by Judy Shepps Battle

Posted in Judy Shepps Battle with tags on July 20, 2010 by Scot

I died tomorrow           but was
resurrected yesterday
in jail (my own)
in health (who’s definition?)
in hope (fear and gentle prayer)
I died today
looking at yesterday and
living tomorrow.

Night came to Milwaukee
I didn’t see it                I was
dead and didn’t know it
Milwaukee was stoned and
ignored me.

Christ is a rugged man
lugs a rugged cross and
passes through Milwaukee

LITTER by Russell Streur

Posted in Russell Streur with tags , on July 18, 2010 by Scot

Today I’m going to litter
Spill the rubbish on the curb
Take the morning lies
Tear each page in half
And throw away the red shirts and the Hezbollah
And throw away the juntas and the monks

Today I’m going to litter
Let the gutter pay my water bill
Drop my dollars in the park
For the minstrels and the tramps
And throw away the euro and the yen
And throw away the Wall Street thieves

Today I’m going to litter
Shred my voter registration card
Give the pieces to the wind
And throw away the candidates
And throw away the spin machines
And throw away the wiretaps and secret courts

Today I’m going to litter
Take my car
For one last drive
Toss the miles out the window with the maps
And throw away the rear view mirror
And throw away the license plates

Find one last freeway out of here
And throw away the keys.

Staying Together for the Kids by Alarie Tennille

Posted in Alarie Tennille on July 15, 2010 by Scot

For months I dream
of visiting my parents.
The air is not choked

with cigarette smoke, not
charged with recrimination.
No one is hung over.

We laugh, talk, play cards.
We part on good terms.
The next time I take a friend.

“I thought you were dead,”
my friend says.
“We are,” they answer.

“We’re allowed to come back
18 times to help the living,”
explains Mama.

Daddy says, “Sheesh,
I’ve already been back
more than that.”