stepped on, pissed on
cheated and abused
taken advantage of blue collar man
caught up in the American scam
don’t tell me anyone
can be anything they want to be
if they put their minds to it
bull shit crap laid on like butter
on the working class stiff

save your message for
the deaf dumb and blind
it’ll never sell in the ghetto
or to the immigrants
you’ve  turned your back on
high-fiving, jiving court jester
with an act as old as death
out of step reeking from bad breath

take your message to the church
tell it to the men on death row
tell it to the starving poor
tell it to the sick and lame
tell it to the rich folks
tell it to the politicians
tell it to the serial killers
tell it to the bankers
tell it to Wall Street
tell it to the union busters
tell it to the man on the gallows
tell it to the cowardly terrorists
tell it to the last man at the Alamo
tell it to the chiseled faces on Mount Rushmore
tell it to Madonna
tell it to the street whore
tell it to the last wino on the bowery
tell it to the butcher
tell it to the unemployed
tell it to the circus clown
tell it to the insane
tell it to the outlaw
tell it to the in-laws
tell it to the panhandler
tell it to the conman
tell it to the baby found stuffed
in a garbage can
tell it to the displaced factory worker
tell it to the elderly
tell it to the re-po man
tell it to the academics
tell it to the poetry politicians
tell it to the last space alien
hiding out in Roswell
tell it to the militia
tell it to the FBI sharpshooters
at Ruby Ridge
tell it to the arsonists at Waco, Texas
tell it to the junkie with dry heaves
tell it to the farm worker
tell it to the dishwasher
tell it to the orderlies
tell it to the flag waver
tell it to the Chinese peasants
working the rice fields
for a dollar a day
tell it to the garment worker
slaving away in sweat shops in Chinatown
and the Latin Quarter
tell it to the garbage man
tell it to corporate America selling
torture devices to fascist nations
tell it to big business
tell it to the oil barons
tell it to the tobacco merchants
tell it to the children addicted
to television and video games
tell it to the fur industry
who club live baby seals to death
for the clothing merchants
with blood on their hands
tell it to the molested children
tell it to the battered wives of America
tell it to the pharmacy industry dispensing
billions of dollars of drugs each year
tell it to the millions of people
dying from air pollution in Mexico and abroad
tell it to the man on his deathbed
not sure why he lived or what he is dying for
tell it to Jesus Christ
shout it to the stars
line the traitors up against the wall
rewrite the Ten Commandments
and start all over again


10 Responses to “FOURTH OF JULY POEM A.D. Winans”

  1. A.D. … still goin’ strong, I see. You de man … let freedom ring! — Harry Calhoun

  2. thanks Harry. body not what it once was, but the mind stays strong.

  3. William Doreski Says:

    Huh! I guess that about covers it.

  4. Wonderful poem. It should be put up on pots, the sides of buildings. everuwjere////

  5. whoops, typo…everywhere. My fingers slid one key over on the keyboard.

  6. hear hear…

  7. For some reason, after I read this poem, Crosby, Stills and Nash’s “Suite: Judy Blue Eyes” ran through my head, and then, perhaps more appropriately, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young’s “Ohio” with Neil Young’s totally pissed-off lyrics and cutting guitar … let’s not lose sight of what’s going on, as Marvin would say.

  8. Chris Butler Says:

    The living legend A.D. defies everything I’ve ever read yet again. As usual, entertaining and enlightening for even for the dumbed nub known as generation y. Keep them coming despite the world

  9. hey you all, thanks to each of you for the kind words. I’ll keep flailing away until the last breath.

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