CRACK HEADS, CEO’s & OIL SPILLS 1983-2010 by Charles Plymell

Einstein, our modern oracle
spoke in equations rhetorical.                         
Since him, the nuclear claw
dredged life from sacred maw.

(The Indian lands out west included sacred ground
dug with giant machinery and flattened. Contracts
given to Interior Dept. politician buddies)

Ray Charles knew inside that scene
when earth turns faster, everything leans.
prisoners of earth have the sunflower brain
yearning for the seed echoed in brain.

(Ray Charles fixed his own plane though blind;
sunflowers lean towards sun like his soul rhythm)

Little Richard rose through hot sauce and digs
the Rosey Finger’d Dawn and sticky finger ribs.        
He demanded that the rhythm feed his soul
’til sirens outside his window let his mind go.

(I grew up in the days he was flipping hamburgers
in southern ghettos until he became the Black Angel
genius of his day. There are no imitations.)

George Jones drank up the light that shines

in hotel develed mirror pieces into his mind.          .

He probably never knew what Emerson bade;        .
“There is a crack in everything God has made.”

(He was novelty country singer in my day when I said
one of his torch songs was best ever in country music..
Sure ’nuff PBS has special honoring him and song voted
best.I still have his old LP with his face reflected in cracked mirror)

Lewis Thomas implied we might only be..uh,          
byproducts of photosynthesis and mitochondria.
Bruno was burned at the stake for much less,           
but we have our God to save us from this mess.

(My main influence L.T. was anthropologist/poet concerned
with things like origin of life. Bruno was killed for challenging
Church by teaching heliocentric theory center of universe.
Same arguments today, .e.g. Creationist vs Evolutionist)

James Watt, a brain by itself, removed no less           
from unnatural machines of unknown purposes;               
he’d leave a scene of genetic accident forsaken
and save his skin while more beast are taken.

(A robotic yes man Interior Secretary who liked to rape
resources to make his cronies rich, the kind who shoot
animals from helicopters. etc.)

Reagan knows that ticks reach for warm blood
while baby boomers jog in exhausts of Firebirds.
He wants the old films re-run because he’s an actor
He’s have Science study Freedom as a risk factor.

Weinberger wants war no matter when where or cost
A yes man for MacArthur,the GI’s knowledge now lost.
Three mercenaries of death made rich by our fall
program the unclean spirits designed to kill us all.

(Blood on his hands like McNamera/Viet Nam
During WW2 the sodiers knew he kissed pompuos
Gen MacArthur’s ass and became war advisor  to
continue wars for arm sales, looting oil, etc,using
propaganda of “defense.”)

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  1. Charley………just float on

    outlawpoetman………………stay with it


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