Pelican by Sharon Warden

Nasty, brown smelly sludge
covered the pelican
I rescued.  It let me
wash its wings with Dawn,
spray its quaking body
again and again;
contrary to nature
and all wild things,
it submitted to my scrubbing
as if it knew, as it looked into my eyes
that I wanted to fix things up.
Pelican, pelican, that yesterday
wouldn’t have let me within ten feet,
now under my brush.
Fly, fly away now,
soar to the sky, far
from this murky, fouled sea.
You were always my favorite bird;
whenever I saw you I would holler:
“Pelican, pelican.”
I mourn your next of kin
who never made it
to this shore.

2 Responses to “Pelican by Sharon Warden”

  1. wonderful, poignant poem. i feel this pelican under the oil and under the dove. best, winnie

  2. THIS IS A GENERAL COMMENT for all the postings. Words won’t change a damn thing. A poem won’t clean a pelican. A poem won’t change the way BP continuese to make billions in profits. The criminal politicians and criminal corporations have the power and the guns and the bullets. We the people are left with words that generally speak to the quior.

    Sorry but this has me as angry as I have been since the assassination of the Kennedy brothers. It’s like my Fourth of July Poem, highly praised and published, but it speaks to the quior and won’t reach the ears of the general public, who is largely deaf, dumb and blind.

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