THE DEAD TIDE by Russell Streur

The dead tide
Washes ashore
In poison hues
Of methane and petroleum

Rainbows on the water
In fatal colors
Of a new deluge
That does not fall for forty days

From the wrathful sky
Of a jealous god
But rises now forever
From a deeper wound

No patriarch can escape
By cubit measurement
And faithful carpentry
Instead to write the third of testaments:

Wasted northern spotted owl
Wasted woodland caribou
Wasted Andrew’s frigate bird
Wasted Concho water snake

Wasted Indiana bat
Wasted sand gazelle
Wasted Arizona trout
Wasted salt marsh harvest mouse

Wasted clouded leopard
Wasted black necked crane
Wasted Steller’s eider
Wasted Persian fallow deer

Wasted dappled mountain robin
Wasted western snowy plover
Wasted fox in San Joaquin
Wasted shrew in Dismal Swamp

Go tell it Raven on the mount of piety
Where salvation used to be–
Noah’s Ark
Is sinking in the sea.


2 Responses to “THE DEAD TIDE by Russell Streur”

  1. joecloyd Says:

    The last stanza is amazing.

  2. Chris Butler Says:

    Opens with the flick to the forehead and closes with a kick to the balls. Amazing Russell

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