The Spill by Rebecca Schumejda

She is transitioning
from nipple
to bottle
from sippy cup
to straw.
My two-year-old
at the kitchen table
recklessly pulls
straw from cup.
Milk trapped inside
flows onto the table,
drips over the edge,
onto the tiled floor.

Over a mile under
the Gulf of Mexico,
an industrial vacuum cleaner,
without a collection bag,
has been gushing oil for weeks.
On the radio,
a reporter discusses
the complexity
of taking responsibility
as I hand my daughter
a damp towel
and ask her
to clean up
her own mess.

6 Responses to “The Spill by Rebecca Schumejda”

  1. Alarie Tennille Says:

    This is a very fresh slant on the oil spill. Love the understatement of this piece, the quiet wit, and the tie-in to every day life. Love that mothers are still teaching toddlers to take responsibility. Thanks, Rebecca!

  2. this is brilliant.
    original and to the point. brings it all back home.

  3. Great poem! I love the many angled depths of this piece. Fantastic take on the spills of our lives.

  4. This is perfect, B! I love it so much. ❤

  5. This is great i love it

  6. Rebecca Says:

    oh thank you for all your kind words! B

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