These poems recall the melancholy wistfulness of Brautigan and the strong honest lines of Bukowski.  They skillfully explore the sorrowful wonder of poets, poetry and life.

William Taylor Jr.

SCOT YOUNG GOT  THE CONVERSATION ON THOSE TWO LITERARY BIG GUYS RIGHT!   The last time I saw one of them standing naked at my party in S.F. They other thankfully not naked in N.Y. but having a beer after St. Mark’s reading puzzling “Who are all these People!”  Thanks for bringing them back.

–Charles Plymell

brautigan and bukowski live – drinking beer – talking poetry – for a few precious lines in scot young’s poems – this small press publication is a creative masterpiece.

t. kilgore splake


Signed and numbered copies onlylimited watercolor edition sold out

28 page, numbered  chapbook.  Poems include Brautigan and/or Bukowski as a character or theme.  All art by F.N.Wright.  The first 1-10  include an original 5×7 watercolor by Wright.  each one different.  Each one inspired by one of the poems.  With the painting $10.00.  Just the chap– $4.00.  Postage 1.50, either way.

Limited to 50 copies–ONE  watercolor edition left.

24 copies left


Paypal accepted at or I can invoice you through paypal

or email for mailing address.

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