LITTER by Russell Streur

Today I’m going to litter
Spill the rubbish on the curb
Take the morning lies
Tear each page in half
And throw away the red shirts and the Hezbollah
And throw away the juntas and the monks

Today I’m going to litter
Let the gutter pay my water bill
Drop my dollars in the park
For the minstrels and the tramps
And throw away the euro and the yen
And throw away the Wall Street thieves

Today I’m going to litter
Shred my voter registration card
Give the pieces to the wind
And throw away the candidates
And throw away the spin machines
And throw away the wiretaps and secret courts

Today I’m going to litter
Take my car
For one last drive
Toss the miles out the window with the maps
And throw away the rear view mirror
And throw away the license plates

Find one last freeway out of here
And throw away the keys.

6 Responses to “LITTER by Russell Streur”

  1. Russell is the barkeep at the camel saloon

  2. howie good Says:

    the chant is whitmaneques, but the sentiment is dead on

  3. Alan Britt Says:

    Russell’s “litter” helps to clean things up! How’s that for irony?

  4. I LIKE this. When you read it, seems like you can feel the wind passing past you, stuff being thrown, like it’s speeding up with each line.
    Good write, INHO.

  5. an excellent poem. what more can i say? best, winnie

  6. Hey, there, I was gonna say, stop the newspaper, turn off the tv and take a hike on shank’s mare! I was gonna say it, but then I didn’t!! Good read!

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