boys of summer by scot young

in 1965
dad took me to my first
baseball game
kansas city a’s
municipal stadium on brooklyn
down by 18th & vine
saw my first black kid up close
parked our impala in his  yard
next to the porch
for a buck

his whole family sat spread out
across  the porch
the black man
collecting the dollar bills
smiled a lot and shook his
head up and down
the boy and i starred
at each other
maybe waiting for the other
to blink

the a’s normally  lost
and  that afternoon
campy campaneris played
every position
as a publicity stunt
and dad made me a megaphone
to cheer the kelley green and gold…
out of the  paper  beer cups

after the game I carried
my pennant back to the car
peanuts stuffed in my pockets
nobody was on the porch
the house looked empty
& the a’s of course lost
that summer i  wanted
to be called campy
playing  our sandlot ball
on vacant lots
a white cuban growing up the burbs

in 1965 we all wanted  something
we couldn’t have

5 Responses to “boys of summer by scot young”

  1. Linda Lerner Says:

    Very nice. You evoke the mood just right

  2. Paul Corman-Roberts Says:

    Go A’s!! Campy Lives!

  3. beer cup megaphones, good idea.

  4. nice write. good memories well told. best, winnie

  5. nice. brought back memories, only I grew up on the old SF Seals Triple “A” baseball team. All three Di Maggio brothers played there. Lefty O’Doul owned the team and the coach Joe Sprinz would toss slow ball to us kids.

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