Uncle Sam (MIA) by Bradley Mason Hamlin

It’s simple, Sam
I’m sorry, I blamed you
but it wasn’t your fault
never was
it’s you we’ve needed
all along
not the people
that hijacked you
long ago
you’ve been
missing in action
so many years
kept in a dungeon
with mind control aliens
and the holy grail
no doubt
gone so damn long
that the real Americans
have almost forgotten your face
but I’ll tell you this
the Enemy
cannot control all the people
all the time
if we believe we are slaves
slaves we will be
and simple-minded
so, maybe it’s time
to raise
the counter clockwise voodoo
wipe the mystic mud from our eyes
turn to the mirror
take the first real look
at ourselves
and say
I’m coming home to get you
you’ve been patiently bleeding
I know,
and I’m sorry
I’m so goddamned sorry
we left you behind
but somewhere
I know you’re still alive
maybe you’ve been beaten
bullied and buggered
but hold on, Sammy baby
I feel the first honest war
taking a breath
as more minds shake off
the invisible drug
of the Old Bastards
we will form a new indivisible
psychic link
that cannot be controlled
or broken by bad men
eyes will open
the butcher
will hesitate over his meat
the secretary will stop typing
the ball player
will follow his motion
to a new thought
the artist
will paint something new
that speaks
to the original cause
they will cast away the chains
just like that
and take up the axe
and this new battle will be fought
to the last living breath
for truth, justice, freedom
and the undeniable American way.

5 Responses to “Uncle Sam (MIA) by Bradley Mason Hamlin”

  1. Good job, Bradley. Glad to see you in print again. It’s been awhile. Good theme!!

  2. I see Bradley in print all the time. You have to know where to look.

    Poor Uncle Sam. 😦

  3. Monika is pretty and smart

    Uncle Sam has a cool hat.

  4. Uncle Sam wants you!

  5. the butcher will hesitate over his meat. i like that. a lot.

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