burning fast by DB Cox

— for Illinois Jacquet… jazzman

the big bus rolls
between sundown and tupelo
the old man sleeps
sitting up—uneasy
turning old times
over in his head
like a black & white
masterpiece from yesteryear
back before the whole thing
wore thin as the ass of his pants
& he found himself alone—
displaced in time
surrounded by bloodless souls
contemporary mercenaries
who could wrap
a jazz minor scale
around the neck
of a dominant 7th chord
& strangle it into submission
non-stop bebop
note slingers
sighting down the barrels
of saxophones
trumpets & trombones
like a new-dawn
sending a message
with too many words
to the soulful
lyrical players
of yesterday

jean baptiste illinois jacquet
groans & grips
the arms of his seat—dreaming
of a ‘49 buick roadmaster
burning fast
in the breakdown lane


8 Responses to “burning fast by DB Cox”

  1. Carter Monroe Says:

    Another very fine piece, D.B. You always seem to hit the nail.

  2. Like this!

  3. DB, this poem sings!

  4. awesome! rock on!!
    best, winnie

  5. Man, DB, this piece is wonderful. Another great poem. Thank you.

  6. If anybody’s interested, there are some good examples of Mr. Jacquet’s music on youtube. Thanks to all.

  7. Linda Lerner Says:

    I don’t know much about him, but feel as if I do from your poem which caught what makes him different, and what made me want to listen to him again.

  8. wrap a jazz minor scale
    around the neck
    of a dominant 7th chord

    you can just hear it through the words
    excellent as always my friend.

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