NOT MEMORIES by Robert King

What does he think, my father,
looking out his new tame window,
his life gently narrowed to a room

along a hall of rooms? Not memories.
“The things you remember,” shaking
his head,  as if I’d invented my youth

but he couldn’t say for sure.
I’ve stopped asking for pieces
of information to straighten out

some little part of family history,
and have become his accomplice
as we sit and look out his window

past the bird-feeder without seed
to some general town. When I leave
I remind myself again to bring

bird-seed to fill something up here
although I’ll forget as he forgets
to notice the absences around us.

8 Responses to “NOT MEMORIES by Robert King”

  1. Robert King has published several chapbooks, the creative non-fiction Stepping Twice into the River and a volume of poems, Old Man Laughing (Ghost Road Press) which was a finalist for the 2008 Colorado Book Award in Poetry. He lives in Greeley, Colorado, where he directs the website:

  2. Donal Mahoney Says:

    Truly a beautiful piece of writing.

  3. a moving poem

  4. Alarie Tennille Says:

    An eloquent poem, economically worded–just enough said to let us fill in our own memories. This falls into the “wish I’d written it” category, and I plan to share King’s poem with friends.

  5. this moved me beyond the beyond. thanks for writing this poigant poem. best, winnie

  6. Shirley Rickett Says:

    A poem I would not only share with friends, but use in class to teach. The narrator is hardly noticeable because the focus is on the father and what he may or may not be thinking. The poem honors who he is.

  7. Very nice piece.

  8. A truly touching poem, especially for me at this time. Says so much in a few words.

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