facebook: New Splake Chapbook from Rusty Truck Press

t. kilgore splake was born as thomas hugh smith in 1936, in three rivers, michigan.  while teaching at kellogg community college in battle creek, splake began writing poems.  in 1989, he chose to take an  early retirement as a college professor to live in creative poverty and find his poetic voice.  upon retirement, he moved to michigan’s upper peninsula, living for ten years in munising, before moving to calumet in the keweenaw peninsula.
in twenty years splake has become a legend in small press circles for his writing and photography.  his artist supporters believe splake possesses an original creative vision as well as exhaustive working habits.


With  this  new  collection  of  short  poems,  Splake  continues  to  tweak the  nose  of  authority,  as  he  urges  the  narcotized  citizens  of  Planet Starch  to  wake  up,  wizen  up  &  live.  The  sharp  edges  and  corners of  these  poems  are  evidence  that  Splake  continues  to  hold  the upper  hand  over  his  mortal  enemy,  Rat  Bastard  Time.

–Ed  Markowski

T. Kilgore Splake’s  FACEBOOK poems are an epic literary achievement.  This chapbook you hold in your hands quite simply and deeply serves as Our New Millennium’s BOOK OF REVELATION.

–Robert M. Zoschke

t.k. splake’s outrage at the “talk the talk”, not “walk the walk” attitude of today’s society has resulted in this, his   latest masterwork. Facebook sets him off and the results are these cutting, haiku-like takes on modern life.Communicating by not communicating has become the norm. Habitues of Facebook would rather type a “conversation” sitting across from you than talk to you face-to-face. splake is at his best here. Come see the Beats and Harry Lime juxtaposed against today’s society. What will the bard of the U.P. do next?

–Paul E. Bach, Jr.

A few copies left …$ 6.00 includes shipping

paypal to scotdyoung@gmail.com


inquire before payment as this limited edition is about gone


One Response to “facebook: New Splake Chapbook from Rusty Truck Press”

  1. Are any sample poems from the book available by any chance? I like Splake. I’m just so ‘over booked’ so am trying to decide from a number of books just out.

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