Three Poems by Scot Young

hank williams a.d. and me
nobody since
has had the corner
on lonely
on country blues
so lonesome that everything
written  a.d. is plagiarized
robbed in broad daylight

i know
my bucket’s got a hole in it
but not large enough to let the
lonesome slide through
but big enough
to let the light leak out

part of that line
belongs to hank
i guess the lonesome
part is mine
well maybe i stole that too

and in the missouri dark
jesse james rode alone


Cashed in her MFA

she wears plaid skirts
knee socks on saturday nights
drinks too much &
lets bald men spank her
for money &
tell her she’s been a bad girl

but there’s enough freaks
to pay the bills
put her kid through college
so she quit writing
a long time ago

on sundays she wears
fishnets to church
sits on the front pew
gives the preacher
a little hell fire
of his own
crosses & slowly recrosses
her legs enough
that he yells
during the children’s service

give me an amen

–stays behind the pulpit
until way after
the sermon was over


as neon light reflects off brown bottles
in the downtown bar of the almighty

it is called dramatic light
when you paint in water

color or oil and the artist
captures the moment

just right as natural as sitting
at the end of the bar for half

your life with neon signs flashing
and she sits one stool away

sends you a drink or two and for
every other second it feels

as right as if the artist had intended
to capture this moment until

the phone rings behind the bar
and all heads bow

the neon reflects off back bar bottles
like sunday morning stained glass

when the whiskey begins to talk
in tongues

and nobody has a nickel left
when they pass the plate


3 Responses to “Three Poems by Scot Young”

  1. Good poems, Scot. I especially like the second and third ones.

  2. boy, this is good. thanks for posting this today! best, winnie

  3. There will never be another country singer like him. In comparison, his son is a joke. Those who know the history of Hank and pure C&W will know what I mean.

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