i guess it’s a guy thing by Gerald Locklin

“wouldn’t you like a gal friday?”
she asks me.  “i mean if you ever
struck it rich wouldn’t you hire me
as your girl Friday
to type your poems,
send them out,
keep track of them,
and deal with publishers and signings and
public relations and reservations and requests
for prefaces/blurbs/interviews/letters of rec,
and your income taxes?”

“what about my social calendar?”
i ask?

“you mean your sex life?
I would be your sex life;
you wouldn’t need anyone else.
wouldn’t i  be all the sex life you’d need,
especially at your age?”

“oh yes,”  i say, “sure of course,”

and it’s safe enough to say so,
because I’m never going to
strike it rich anyway.

from The Plot of Il Trovatore and other poems, Kamini Press
© Gerald Locklin

watercolor by Henry Denander


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