from Gerald Locklin: New and Selected Poems

Rainy Season

The old woman at the window,
Gray as vinegar and vicious
As a cracked windowpane,
Says nary a word.

But the great gray spider
Out in the rain

All our webs get wet in the spring.

(section: 1967-1970)


Forget the Sexual Politics

I witnessed a poet break down
While reading a poem dealing with
His love for the man he lived with
And cared for (his companion being blind)
For maybe thirty years, maybe more.

He tried a number of times to go on,
But finally gave up.

This has almost happened to me
while reading certain poems
About my love for my daughter.

The moment clarified for me
A simple truth
That I had always known
Intellectually, even emotionally,

But had never experienced such
A vivid, memorable
Demonstration before:

Love is love.

(section: 2000-2007)

from Gerald Locklin: New and Selected Poems, World Parade Books

© by Gerald Locklin


4 Responses to “from Gerald Locklin: New and Selected Poems”

  1. Wonderful! Both of them.

  2. oh my- how… wonderful.
    love is love, for sure.

  3. poignant, beautiful, heart-wrenching poetry of truth. the best. tears make my day and i have shed them on this one. thanks…winnie

  4. I love when Locklin writes about Ed Field. I love when he writes about anything. Two great poems!

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