Two Poems by Gerald Locklin

Not Quite the 1960s

When I observe the students
At a wealthy private university
Demonstrating against the institution’s
Alleged ties to “sweat shops,”
My first thought is that they must
Be referring to the faculty sauna bath.
And when the administration gives them
Fifteen minutes to end their sit-in
At the president’s office
Or lose all student privileges,
Including their student loans,

They managed to be out of there
By the fourteenth minute.

–from the ristorante godotBottle of Smoke Press


The Freedom Fighters

her mother ranks cleanliness
just a little higher than godliness,

so when my daughter realizes I’ve caught her
wiping her hands on her jammies in the kitchen,

she winks conspiratorially,

and I wink back.

From Steve Kowit’s In the Palm of Your Hand, (1995) p.170

© Gerald Locklin


2 Responses to “Two Poems by Gerald Locklin”

  1. I especially like ‘not quite the 60’s’!

  2. they are nice pair

    i like the little wink

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