A Working Man’s Library by RD Armstrong

Long before I ever
Knew I could write
Anything worth a damn
I began my library

Now it’s forty years
Later and I am selling
It off to pay the rent

I thought I would be
Happy to be rid of
The books that I no
Longer read
Their usefulness and
Purpose long since
Just some things I
Drag around out of

But I feel lost
As if I have sold
My children into slavery

And for what?
A few hundred dollars
And forty inches of
Shelf space

5 Responses to “A Working Man’s Library by RD Armstrong”

  1. Thanks. And thanks too, to Scot for publishing this one. It was completely unexpected.

  2. RD – such a poignant poem. books are worth their space (unless, of course, the downside is worse than the upside). i wanna write some great poetry (like you), get a book in print, then have it on shelves for infinity….

  3. I donate all mine to my archives at Brown University.

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