The Time of Nobody and Nothing has come.

—-Elliott Coleman

I know the shipwreck is out there & spacesuit above the sunflower
But I have no god to pray to before the deep dark sleep takes over
There might be a hologram at the edge of space indeed to hold
Old captains afraid to sail beyond the seas tangled in the ropes

I have only chance to pray to and long for the bodies in my bed
Displayed in desperation on the screen flickering cooperations
That have claimed like figurines my possibilities & weary dream
Nothingness has ever been more profound to the boy on a bike

Peddling into unknown possibilities all over and again each day
Oblivious to the eternal connection of love beyond the playmate
Carrying in him the basic traits of human politics and a history
Of cheating, lying, stealing all tattooed once more in the years

To come clinging like lichen to the seawreck’d hope of shore
If only displayed in artificial form as parasite, vamp, old whore
I’ve climbed that rigging and never fell but to the hype & prize

I’ve held on to the wheel alongside the road of progress like
The grass, the weeds always half beaten down & sorrowful
Dandelion pride under the feet of those who walk unawares.

6 Responses to “THEY TOO MAY EMBRACE THE RATTLESNAKE by Charles Plymell”

  1. plymell does it again, brings us into his beautiful mind so we can enjoy the ride

  2. All I can do is echo what Lynne Savitt said and a nice ride it is.

  3. i second that commotion. The ride is long. Charley brings us emotive dragons that salute the degeneration of the world all over.

    Gimme faith. NO
    Gimme truth. Perhaps
    Gimme a future……………………………………..Perhaps
    Gimme a knot to splice up sad sickness……………YES!!

    Charley hits the spot again…………

    cool dude


  4. karl gallagher Says:

    the haunting
    what was what coulda been
    what is and what is yet coming
    the dreaming the dreaming
    the Ancient One’s spirit
    what has been lost

    “out of great grief comes great beauty” (Hafiz”

  5. […] Charles Plymell …They Too May Embrace the Rattlesnake […]

  6. A stop for a Plymell poem is always good for one’s emotional health. Come back to Lawrence Charley.

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