low blue note by db cox

— for Eddie Lyons… Feb. 24th, 1952—Sept. 22nd, 2010
…my good friend and fellow guitarist in “Blues You Can Use” for 15 years

there’s a decaying piano
in “the graveyard bar”
that nobody plays

whenever i feel
like i’m starting
to disappear
into the chorus
of gray-faced patrons
mumbling conspiracy claims
into their beer
i wander over
to the keyboard
& bend my ear
toward the strings
i hammer a low blue note
& jam the pedal
to the dusty dance floor
then i close my eyes
& listen
as that solitary
son-of-a-bitch echoes
out its monotone song
& i think about
friday nights
at the “downtown lounge”

i think about
sweet showers
of sound pouring
from the bells of a million
silver saxophones

i think about
a line
of thumping drums
running down the voodoo

i think about
rows of electric
strings ringing
behind a lone voice
singing “nothing left to lose”

i think about
mike & paul & me & eddie

i think about


8 Responses to “low blue note by db cox”

  1. sorry to hear about this—really fine poem though

  2. Oh, Don. That’s a great poem. That was a great band. I’m sure Eddie’s still playing the blues….

  3. Love the poem Daddy! And I’m sure he would have loved it too!

  4. Mike Dupuis Says:

    Beautiful, Donny. Thank you.
    You are still, without a doubt, one of the brothers up here, and don’t you
    forget it. Stay in touch my friend.

  5. Linda Lerner Says:

    Good poem…

  6. Thanks Mike. I miss you guys.
    Here’s to Eddie and that Les Paul Goldtop.

  7. music to my ears…

  8. p.s. the poem, not the loss of eddy…

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