Scrambled my mind
all the time
skinned alive
totally fried
acid coke booze sex
with girls
obsessed with self-destruction
went to see the Dead
lost my mind
but head would have rhymed
with false confidence
bad memories; I try to forget
because I’m a good girl now
all sins washed away
with self awareness
and experience …
smoke jumper
lift me high
above the flames
end the pain
of learned life lessons
introspective migraine truth
daily blues
I did not die for you
I could not dream
but still one existed
because of your touch
your offer
I beg for your forgiveness
and trust
a kiss
too loud
teach me silence
and maybe next time
Heaven will not be
so very far away.

5 Responses to “SMOKE JUMPER by Lucy Hell”

  1. beautiful sentiments,
    well said!

  2. and she’s President of the PTA, that’s super hot.

  3. she is a sensual lover.

  4. acid coke booze sex
    with me

  5. Rusty Truck is awesome 🙂

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