Two Poems by (the) David Smith


after Kathy Acker & William Carlos Williams

If I had a clit,
I would probably pierce it.
Hell, I would probably pierce it twice,
one for the button and one for the hood,
the metal pearls beating against each other,
with a Morse Code not known since Eden.

I would buy a vintage motorcycle,
a big one, like a Triumph Thunderbird
& ride it around town all day,
in all kinds of weather,
even the most violent,
guaranteeing lightening orgasms,
thunderous satisfaction.

If I had a clit,
I would share it with everyone.

It would feel good to me.
It would feel good
to me. It would feel
good to me.



After Emily Dickinson

Because every evening at the end of his shift,
Goofy would glide razor cool
into the employee locker room,
an Aston Martin rolling to a magnificent stop,
twist-off his head
& with great ceremony
light-up a Marlboro,
exhaling a garden of clean blue smoke;
like a pharaoh exercising bright logic,
contemplating the history of sin
on the Tokyo subway,
as silent as a mirror
dwelling in possibility.

© d.smith, 2010

5 Responses to “Two Poems by (the) David Smith”

  1. I can’t begin to say how much I love David Smith’s poetry. These two poems hit a home run, especially the first. Only your mind, David:-) For anyone who hasn’t bought his latest book out I highly recommend it. Hope someone can leave ordering details.

  2. Carter Monroe Says:

    Yes, these poems represent the quality I’ve come to expect and love from David. Excellent work!

  3. Thanks kids. The checks are in the mail.

  4. wonderful. so live wild and vivid.

  5. […] Maxine Sleep While the Baby is Sleeping and tells us why and Davis Smith tells why he likes to work in Disneyland. […]

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