Two Poems by Michelle Pond


Went to Hollywood
To go mainstream
Got nothing but
Stormy Weather
Stream dried up anytime
The movies went South
Went back to Harlem
Looking for sympathy
Think I got any?
Count said
“You got chosen.
You’ve got to go back.”
Went back to L.A.
Another blacklist
Ended my stay
Turned to cabaret
To make my living
Could still make people
Turnout and listen
Raised my voice again
When the 60’s came
Marched with Martin
And sang our pain
Conquered Broadway
Like no one else
One-woman show
Ran 14 months
Won  a Tony, too
Ended the set
At ninety-two
Not the imitator
A jazz icon
Comfortable blowing my own



Saxophone mellows
My mind and my soul each time
I hear its sweet tone

Bass makes sounds deep down
Vibrations go right through you,
Stringing you along

Piano holds the
Key to the tune, creating
Chords in black and white

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