Haiku by Scott Owens

yellow porch light
illuminating darkness
swirl of candle bats


wildflowers in bloom
the tractor stops a moment
then plows them under


dressed in flannel
autumn maples before
they turn to grunge

council of crows
dead on the road
poor choice of venue

whippoorwill, cricket,
howling dog, screech owl,
quiet country night

strops the much-stropped edge
racing blowflies

mountain shadow
fiddle music
sings through the trees


5 Responses to “Haiku by Scott Owens”

  1. I like these, Scott, especially the council of crows-)

  2. Very nice. I am saddened by the hesitating tractor but I can hear the quiet country night.

  3. love all of these. well done! best, winnie

  4. council of crows is my favorite too. all are vivid and transporting.

  5. Pris, Sherry, Winnie, and Barbara,
    Thank you all for your comments and for taking the time to read these.

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