Letter To The American Conservative by Craig Firsdon

I remember the days
when logic superceded
greed and power.

Now, instead of needy children
we adopt the highways
we’ve littered with inattention,
Bury them in freshly printed greens
and watch our printing presses smoke
themselves to an emphazema death
as we all abstain
only as long as the moment lasts.

With the focus of a five year old
high on prescription speed
we soon forget abstinence
and chase the first fox we see.
Its the chase, they say,
that makes the foreplay sweeter.

Chemically induced erections
and silicone inflated breasts
sliding on skin covered in
trans-hydrogenated fat
slowly heating our oceans
and sea-to-shining-seas.

Today the news said maybe
we will or will not
prosecute the murderers
lounging on our blackened beaches
in Versace and Valentino
writing memoirs to their greatness.

I know you understand me,
I can hear you scream “Socialist!”
just fine.

The next time we are out
and your logic asks me to pick up the tab
just remember I voted for
the black guy with a big smile.
This “socialist” is not giving you a dime.

6 Responses to “Letter To The American Conservative by Craig Firsdon”

  1. Craig Firsdon was born, and still resides, just outside of Toledo, Ohio. He is a poet, spoken word artist, watercolor painter and sketch artist and has been referred to as the “Toledo Renaissance Man” by Lorraine Cipriano in an article she wrote for the Toledo Poetry Examiner. Firsdon began writing at a young age as a way of dealing with the pain and inability to walk caused by his disability, but first began writing poetry seriously in 1997 after the death of his grandfather. Within the first few years, Firsdon had many of his poems published in anthologies, newsletters, the Holland-Springfield paper, Toledo Blade and others. More recently, Craig has been published in the current Red Fez issue and published his first chapbook, Opiate Dreams. He reads every week at a local open mic/feature reading. In the course of doing so, he has read numerous times with poets such as Michael Grover and John Dorsey and in December will be co-featuring for one of their shows.

  2. John Dorsey Says:

    Craig is a talented poet and a great guy, glad to see this posted here.

  3. Fine Toledo Poetry here.

  4. lynne hayes Says:

    Most excellent write here…

  5. And this Socialist says, “CHEERS TO FIRSDON!”

  6. Very nice!

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