Three poems by A. Molotkov


when I saw you last
you were so small
like a raindrop
with an IV

yet over the years
you have grown
into an ocean
in the teacup
of my memory

when it’s my turn
to be a raindrop
will you welcome
into your ocean?

Remote Things

I was submerged in thought
when a strange whistle
pierced the air
insistent yet remote

the teapot?
must I run and handle it?
did I put it on?

then I realized
it was an ambulance
a block or two away

I was relieved
no need to run
no need to handle

then I realized
may be dying

Five Haiku

being in love is a lot of work
but who wants to remain

you go away
one thought at a time
one word at a time

cigarette smoke
mixing with the fog
a small contribution

my son’s tenth birthday
his first in two digits
my first a thousand miles away

bird on a wire
why is time so transparent
whistling by?

2 Responses to “Three poems by A. Molotkov”

  1. sweet and loving poems. thanks for writing them. best, winnie

  2. Winnie, thanks so much for your kind words.


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