before jfk by Scot Young

in the early 60’s
i watched reruns of sky king
and roy rogers
from our green naugahyde sofa
with wagon wheel arms &
a horse stitched on the back
one day after kennedy was shot
it disappeared w/o
warning when mom
went to crushed velvet
in the living room

back then we measured
everything with either
before jfk
or after

and when dale evans sang
happy trails to you
it was never
the same
much after that

3 Responses to “before jfk by Scot Young”

  1. I remember Sky King…tho not the wagon wheel motif…my parents being too hip for such nonsense. And I don’t remember the before – after JFK so much as the “where were you when..?” game. Funny, I can still remember that hollow feeling as I walked home that day. It was a feeling I would come to know in subsequent years as Bobbie & Martin and others around me bought it. And on 9/11…whew! Don’t even ask. The hollow was so big, you coulda parked a semi in it!

  2. This brought back memories. Thanks. I enjoyed the poem.

  3. ah… Sky King and his plane “The Songbird”, Roy Rogers, Dale Evans and don’t forget Pat Brady and his jeep “NellyBell”… that’s when Saturday mornings really meant something. This poem brought back good and bad memories of the 60s. But, in a lot of ways, I feel lucky to have been at my peak then, rather than now. The old music, the old movies, the old TV shows… yeah lucky. Thanks Scot.

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