Two Poems by Travis Blair

Chasing Dolphins

We rode Harleys to the wharf
that day we chased dolphins
south along the coast.
Those sleek streamlined mammals
leaped and dived, followed by egrets,
pelicans, and half a dozen boats
with cowboy captains at the helm.
I snapped pictures of you
in a deck chair, your hair whipped
by saltwater wind.  You said
I looked so Hemingway
but I felt James Dean.

By sunset we crossed
into Mexico and the sky glowed
as feisty red as our sunburned skin.
We turned back up the Gulf,
docked our boats at Laguna Madre,
drank shots of Don Julio at the bar
and danced till after two AM.
Before sunrise we staggered
to our room and collapsed.
I have no idea how we got back
or who brought the Harleys home.

Poached Egg Blues

I think of her when I poach an egg
Court of Two Sisters style.
She learned how in New Orleans
watching a white-clad cook
crack an egg, drop it in a pot
of boiling water swirled clockwise
with a wooden spoon.

In wide-eyed astonishment
she watched the egg tumble,
swim laps around the pot,
its skin whitening over yellow yoke,
then ladled – perfectly poached –
onto an English muffin.
She brought it to our courtyard table,
grinning, eager to teach me
when we returned home.

And for a week in our kitchen
she practiced until perfect,
then served me her culinary treasures,
smiling like a cat, proud
of her new found skill.

4 Responses to “Two Poems by Travis Blair”

  1. Darla McBryde Says:

    I always enjoy Travis Blair’s poetry. Simple, direct and memorable

  2. Philip Wuntch Says:

    Travis Blair’s poetry is never burdened with false words or images. Everything flows naturally yet provocatively. Both “Chasing Dolphins” and “Poached Egg Blues” contain phrases and images that will linger in your mind and heart. As “Chasing Dolphins” suggests, he is Hemingway with just a touch of James Dean.

  3. Both poems are creative, unique and tell a tale that left me wanting more. Thank you for sharing your talent. x

  4. You are a poet I never get let down by.

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