Invisible Kiss by Bradley Mason Hamlin

thought about Billie
a kiss
that is never tasted,
is forever

as the girl
with exotic brown
sex eyes
walked away
after so
obviously flirting

all silky
and sweetness
and sex
with a bitchy spice

thought about that
lost moment
when I
should have grabbed her
Bogart style
and told her
wasn’t worth
a hill of beans
without her

whatever that might mean

both under the illusion
of “seeing” other people
but that wasn’t luv
and she had those curves
and I could fall
into the booby trap
of her soft hands, get lost,
take the fall …

and I did
but I’ll always wish
we had runaway
and fucked
like songbirds
on fire
that night
when I looked into her eyes
on “L” Street
let her walk away.


One Response to “Invisible Kiss by Bradley Mason Hamlin”

  1. She didn’t want to leave. She wanted you to stop her. To hold her. To save her.
    Like you did.

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