NEW YEARS EVE POEM 11 by A.D. Winans

some things stick in your mind
like dental cement
like your first kiss
the JFK assassination
the wild years, a trip down
highway 101
foot stuck to floor petal
hugging the middle lane
at one hundred miles an hour
a wild tango that turns into a shuffle

I like five in the morning walks
alone with my thoughts when
the shops are closed
and people still sleeping
my neighborhood
a ghost town
still as a lion waiting
on its prey
the silence a monk in meditation
with no need for explanation
2010 gone…
the revelry put to rest

insomnia driven
I greet 2011 alone
with words that bleed
for company

A poem forms, nibbles
at my brain cells
a beggar hungry for food
but the cupboard is empty
as I retreat into the amnesia
of  yester-year
the lost treasure of my youth
a pirate with a graying beard
boarding a ghost ship
lisping aimlessly at sea

4 Responses to “NEW YEARS EVE POEM 11 by A.D. Winans”

  1. Very nice, full of eloquence and introspection. A sense o uncertain future and still gripping to what yesteryear held, yet finding comfort in the undisturbed familiar. I have been there and do that as well. I liked this work a lot.

  2. Fantastic poem. One of your best, Al!

  3. Jason Hardung Says:

    i like the rhythm in this. the loneliness.

  4. thanks. appreciate your thoughts.

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