NEW YEARS EVE POEM 2010 by A.D. Winans

Another year passing by
like clouds banks on the horizon
your affair with time doomed
like a failed love affair

Your passion ignited early
burned out
like a candle
at the end of its wick

You came in dressed
in a sequin gown and scarf
a coy like promise of a heated
love affair

now you scurry away
like a thief in flight taking
with you your eleven sisters
and brothers

down at Pier 39
the sea lions bellow their contempt
but you as always shrug your shoulders
ignore their plaintivecall

you with your cold stare
and ice cold breath
creeps up my spine
makes its way into my blood

Soon you’ll head out the door
rush head long into the future

how nice it must be to be immortal
born anew year after year
like specs of dust gathering
in the womb of the universe
while I approach my 75th year
doing a slow shuffle
down the street trying
to stay one step ahead
of my trailing shadow


One Response to “NEW YEARS EVE POEM 2010 by A.D. Winans”

  1. Oh yes. Good to see this other one, too. They’re both great, Al. You outdid yourself.

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