Battle Scars by John Bennett

The name John Bennett is a not a new name to the small press by any means but is new to the Rusty Truck.  In a new book published by Henry Denander at Kamini Press, Battle Scars by John Bennett gives us a glimpse of America, life and himself with word portraits,  with short poems that had me nodding my head and saying I wish I’d written that:

Tea Baggers

Tea Baggers
go down in
history as
flag- waving
maniacs who
put the
good name of
to shame.

In my house I have an extensive library of small press poets.  I now have added Battle Scars to my collection and one John Bennett book will not be enough.

(cover art by Henry Denander)

6 Responses to “Battle Scars by John Bennett”

  1. I have his book, too, and love it!

    Tea Baggers….the poem is right on.

  2. are you the same john bennett that used to be friends with ben hiatt??? if so, could you please contact me at thank you.

  3. short and sweet.

  4. Doug Draime Says:

    John Bennett is simply one of the most important writers around today, if not
    THE most important writer. Great to see him at the Truck.

  5. Appreciate your kind words on Battle Scars.

    And yes, I knew Ben from way back when when I published Vagabond out of the Bay Area. Sometimes I get confused with John M. Bennett who is a horse of a different color and is a librarian, I think, in Ohio…

  6. John Bennett is as much a part of my day as my cup of coffee in the morning and two fingers of Jack at night.

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