birth of the perfect terrorist by DB Cox

3 a.m.
the sound of the t.v.
wakes me
i smile at the sound
of america dying
rattlesnake hissing
& shaking as it strikes
again & again
at its own tail

cameras roll—
digital images unwind
through time
holding the future
of a country’s demise
perverted suicidal paradox
the peculiar intersection
of victim & killer

night cat moans—
mind troubled
by recurring dreams
hating the night
because there is no rest
hating the day
because it moves toward night
scattered thoughts
like loose bits of sand
the harder i squeeze
the faster they slip away

the condition of my existence

the element of my being

if the earth
were filled with t.n.t.
i’d put a match to the ground
tear the night air
with absolute noise
bloody birth
of the perfect terrorist—
no religion
no politics
no causes
no agenda
taking no hostages
making no deals


2 Responses to “birth of the perfect terrorist by DB Cox”

  1. Steve Gulvezan Says:

    I’ve read this poem several times and I like it more each time I read it…very well done, DB.

  2. Well Steve,

    I’m glad you get it. The “I” in this poem is, of course, not “me”, but a distant relative of Dostoevsky’s “I” in “Notes From the Underground” and possibly to the kid in Tucson.

    “I am a sick man… I am a spiteful man… I am an unattractive man”

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