I Keep This List by Angela Consolo Mankiewicz

I keep this list
of faces

that I’ve lost
over some years
some places.

A few come back
more than once;
the heartier ones don’t

they stay away
or dial wrong numbers
from hardened spaces

like I do.

A few send sand
to fill the holes
they left behind.

Most do nothing.

I check regularly
for milestones
to update my list

and note the dates
of traces, however
scant, of faces
looking for me.

5 Responses to “I Keep This List by Angela Consolo Mankiewicz”

  1. Wanda Blake Says:

    Dear Angela, I relate so much with this poem. It is beautifully crafted. It makes me feel guilty for being remiss and makes me wonder about where my friends have gone. I shall have to read the other poems as you said they are good I will call you when we get back from our trip. Love, Wanda

  2. Angela, you express so well our sense of loss on losing touch with family and friends over the years and our longing to reconnect.
    I especially like the metaphor “A few send sand / to fill the holes / they left behind.” Oh! How true!


  3. Rachel Olivier Says:

    That is a very poignant poem and very reminiscent of our modern life and kind of how you can and cannot keep track of people on the internet.

  4. I wonder what the “hardened spaces ” are. Different for different people I suppose. And what creates those spaces? Fear of vulnerability? Fear of the identity of our past?

  5. My dear friend, Angela, passed away on March 7, 2017. She remains close to my heart.

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