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FOR BEN HIATT by A.D. Winans

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Like a hummingbird feasting on
the pollen of life
You walked the streets like a Samurai
With words sharp as a sword

You lived your life like a chess master
Found peace in the mountains
But never forgot the life blood
Of the city

Ravaged by illness, you cut through
The pain with the precision
Of a surgeon’s scalpel
Your spirit left behind
In the grass in the leaves
In the sky

Your words soft as feathers
Rode life to the end of the line
With metaphors that serenaded
The mind
Your memory dances with the wind
Becomes one with the stars
In a new place a new terrain

In the Buddha temple of life
All things die
But only the flesh expires
The spirit cannot be killed
Lives on in the heartbeat of the sun
In the words and friends who wait
To become one

The Pipeline – a sonnet by R L Raymond

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he ground the filthy ephemera
into powder fine enough for snorting
the pitted heel of his oxblood oxfords
a pestle to the sidewalk’s rough mortar

flyers for resurrected punk rock bands
trash tabloids with inscrutable headlines
translucent fast-food wrappers discarded
garbage bits blown into piles at his feet

it was a dry day
it would carry far
it would reach them all

the stoners
the ignorant
the obese

Insufferable Music Critic by Chris Middleman

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I’m not a terrible son
because I don’t answer the phone
at the pinched moments she calls 


and I feel even less guilt
when i hear that leitmotif
play out in the voicemail 


Resplendent with pangs of Catholic guilt
and smoldering Philadelphian resignation 


This composition for sad trombone
is too familiar to be affecting;
it comes off instead like a slide whistle

Popcorn by Neila Mezynski

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The pot bellied lady pointed, laughed at the tongue wagging nut.  She did her usual shuffle ball heel with looks could kill. Exuberance sway backed lady, act your age. Rolling eyeballs at the beach, in the gallery, at the top of the stairs. He stared in disbelief, trying to read lips. These lips ain’t talkin’. Loud.

Unravel by Peter LaBerge

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Thoughts sewn together
like the scratchy fibers
of Papa’s overcoat.

Gleaming like crocheted
raven-feathers left outside
like abandoned violets
trudging through an ivory

coat of snow. His light
snoring unravels each
thought one at a time,
until nothing but snores
& snow remain.

AKA Jam Hands appears with the Rusty Truck Bitchez Brew Event in SF on Friday

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Our Silver-Plated American Dream by Maureen Kingston

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polished bowl

my birth
on the wall

daddy’s lucky
liberty dime
nail punched

to make
a necklace
for my

its edges
& ready
to scratch

the coating
from any
lottery ticket