the drums beat slowly
the angels march in step
like a Chinatown funeral march
a new Orleans jazz tribute
sending you  off on a new voyage
like the Vikings of old

the drums beat slowly
echo loud across the universe
where Kaufman and Micheline
await you with drinks in hand

the drums beat slowly for
the prince of New York and Moscow
the drums beat slowly serenade
the heartbeat of saddened friends

bells toll in mourning
guitars play in the streets of Russia
wailing saxophones sing their song
in the streets of New York

your poems your children clothed
in memories
the dark clouds a candle that
Cannot be blown out

deep in the forest of the mind
flowers bloom forever and beyond
where friends wait to walk with you again

the drums will beat forever
my friend
in the heart in the brain in the head
where poems embrace the dead

your eternal light a butterfly
spreads its wings heaven bound
cosmic dust waiting
to be reborn


5 Responses to “POEM FOR ALEXSEY DAYEN by A.D. Winans”

  1. Excellent poem, Al. When I see your name come up I always look forward to a treat!

  2. such a poignant piece. i see, feel, hear the images in this poem. really speaks. thanks, winnie

  3. Judy L. Brekke Says:

    A wonderful tribute to a treasured poet. Very moving…

  4. Linda Lerner Says:

    A very good poem, & I like drum sound I hear beating behind the word; I don’t know his work at all, but am curious now.

  5. Linda Lerner Says:

    Very good; I kept hearing the drums beating as I read the poem and even after I finished reading it. It’s that beat that propels the poem, like, as you pointed out, in a jazz funeral; I don’t know that poet’s, but am curious now.

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