Rusty by RD Armstrong

Back in ‘74
When I was just
Starting out in
I met an old guy
Who had been
Pretty much broken
Down by the trade
He was a character in
His fifties with
A hand-tooled belt
That said “Rusty” across
The back side
He was kinda boozy and
Rough around the edges
But he was willing to
Clean lumber – pulling nails etc
For practically nothing
So my boss Carl
Hired him
With a warning
“No drinking on the job”
Well try as he might
The old guy just
Couldn’t function
Without at least a
Long pull every
Couple of hours
So after about a week
He was gone

I hadn’t thought of him
Much until today when I
Was wondering what
I was gonna do to
Make ends meet
Now that I’m sixty
And I remembered
That belt with the word
Rusty across the back

An old joke with
A new punch-line

3 Responses to “Rusty by RD Armstrong”

  1. Raindog….good portrait of the man. Good to see you here on the Truck again!

  2. great one for this great poetry site! thanks, winnie

  3. Thanks you guys. Scot is really a decent guy whom I was hoping to see up in SF on the 25th, but I don’t know if I can swing it. If not, Scot say hi to MK and Bill Taylor.

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